If you are intending to engage in trading activity that it involves trading across Ethiopian boarders, you should know about the following list of import and export procedures and the required documents.

This is list the procedures necessary to import and exports a standardized cargo of goods in Ethiopia. The documents required to export and import the goods are also shown.

Procedures for Export

  1. The first procedure is Documents Preparation and it takes about 25 days.
  2. The second step is Custom Clearance and Technical Control. This needs 10 days to complete.
  3. Then Ports and Terminal Handling follows which takes 5 days and costs.
  4. After this Inland Transportation and Handing will take place within 9 days.

Documents Required For Export

  1. 1. Custom export declaration
  2. 2. Export license
  3. 3. Health certificate
  4. 4. Insurance Certificate
  5. 5. Packing list
  6. 6. Shipment booking
  7. 7. Tax certificate
  8. 8. Truck Manifest

Procedures for Import

When we come to nature of import procedures

  1. The first procedure is Documents Preparation, which usually takes 29 days,
  2. The next procedures are Customs Clearance And Technical Control which takes 5 days,
  3. Then Ports And Terminal Handing procedure takes 5 days,
  4. After these procedures the Inland Transportation and Handling follows. This needs 5 days.

Documents Required For Export

  1. Bill Of Lading,
  2. Certificate Of Origin,
  3. Commercial Invoice,
  4. Foreign Exchange Authorization
  5. Import License,
  6. Insurance Documentation
  7. Packing List And
  8. Technical Standard/Health Certificate,

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