The folowing are the list of required documents for trade mark registration in Ethiopia

  1. Full name address and nationality of the applicant(s)
  2. Home registration certificate certified up to Ethiopian consular level,
  3. When the application for registration is filled through an agent, it shall be accompanied by a duly authenticated power of attorney certified up to Ethiopian consular level.
  4. Three copies of reproduction of the trademark,
  5. A list of goods & services classified in accordance with the International Classification Of Goods & Services for which registration of the mark is requested and the class numbers of the classification,
  6. A document certifying payments of the filing fee
  7. An application for registration shall cover only one trademark;

An application for registration shall cover only one trademark. However the application may contain a list of goods & services classified in accordance with The International Classification of Goods and Services 8th Edition.

The Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office makes examination as to form and substance to ensure that the trademark compiles with the provisions of the proclamation.

When the office finds that the trademark application is acceptable, it shall publish a notice of invitation for opposition regarding the registration of the trademark in the intellectual property gazelle or a news paper having a nation wide circulation of the cost of the applicant. This may further be supplemented by a radio or television broad cast or a website notice as seemed necessary. The period of publication is for 30 days. If no opposition is filed against the application or there is not office action against it the process may take 45-60 days.

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